Body repairs

of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

We offer a full complex of body repair and body restoration works for cars of all types and any damage difficulty level. Prior to transportation to repair stations the examination on examination lifts and prior evaluation of damages is performed. Technical experts will provide the best solution for your car repair according to the results of the evaluation.

Unique equipment is provided at client’s disposal - a universal stand for high-performance and precise geometry restoration of damaged car bodies and car body size control from company CAR-O-LINER with electronic measurement system CAR-O-TRONIC. All bodywork is performed in strict compliance with the standards of car manufacturers.


of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

Senson Paint - the largest car centre in Baltics, performs the whole complex of car preparation and painting works on an industrial level.

Offered services are performed with unique equipment used by BMW and DaimlerChrysler auto groups.

The centre is equipped with 40 preparation places and new generation painting cameras TAIFUNO WOLF.

In "Colour Laboratory”, the colourers will pick the colour that is identical to the car body and the experienced artisans in paint shop will restore the initial look of your car.

Replacement car

for repair time

We value your time and mobility; therefore, we offer to use the "Replacement car" service provided by Senson Rent. Leave your car for repair and rent a car from the replacement car fleet:

KIA CEED                                      20.00 EUR / day
ŠKODA SUPERB (automatic)       20.00 EUR / day
TOYOTA AURIS                            17.00 EUR / day

Conditions of rent contract:
  • the age of driver not less than 21 year;
  • driving experience no less than 3 years;
  • an identity proving document  (a passport or driver’s license).

If you are planning to use the "Replacement car" service, notify the service receptionist in advance to prepare the necessary documentation.

Call for additional information: +371 26472224

Tow truck services

help on the road

If your car is unable to leave the crash site on its own, we offer the services of personal tow truck. The towing of your car will be free of charge if the car body repair works will be performed in the car body restoration centre.

Phone number to order the tow truck: +371 27799114 ;                                                           outside working hours +371 29226286


Car service

Suspension system repair

and technical servicing

Senson Serviss - suspension system repair and technical servicing of passenger vehicles and light commercial transport. We offer the full spectrum of services in repair of any sort of damage to suspension system.

Provided services:
  • suspension system diagnostics and repairs
  • engine diagnostics and repairs
  • electrical equipment diagnostics and repairs
  • alarm installation
  • wheel alignment camber
  • tire fitting, balancing and tire repairs
  • ABS and braking system diagnostics and repairs
  • examination and adjustment of lights
  • muffler repairs and replacement
  • replacement of belts in gas distribution mechanism


Call for additional information: +371 27799116, +371 28601704

Car optics and body parts

for any vehicle

The auto centre has one of the largest warehouses of car optics and body parts in the Baltics. Large selection of spare parts for cars of any model and year of manufacture is constantly available. We offer halogen lamps and accessories for your car to stand-out in the crowd.


Call for additional information and ordering: +371 26553805

About us

Senson Paint

is the largest auto centre specialized in body repair and car painting in the Baltics.

The Senson Paint company began its activity in 2008 in a completely renovated old building with an area of 4000 square metres. A large parking lot and a convenient reception hall are at the client’s disposal. Working areas are equipped with the newest equipment such as ZIPPO (Germany) car lifts, three CAR-O-LINER (Switzerland) stands for car body geometry adjustment, a HUNTER (USA) stand for wheel geometry adjustment, TAIFUNO WOLF (Germany) painting and drying booth, FASTOOL (Germany) polishing systems, etc.

Today 37 qualified and experienced experts in the sphere of car repairs work in the auto centre. In 3 years of work we have restored 5 000 cars. Production capacity of the auto centre allows performing repair and body restoration works for more than 10 000 cars per year.

The experienced and skilled experts, correct labour organization, newest equipment and use of modern and quality materials allow our company to perform the car repairs of the highest quality in the shortest possible time.

Senson Rent

Senson Rent is a company, which offers replacement cars for the time of repair to our clients.

Car fleet consist of 20 cars - TOYOTA, KIA, SKODA. This is the youngest division in Senson Group and we plan to develop it further.


According to the principles of EU Quality Organisation the certification within the territory of Latvia is carried out by independent non-governmental, professional organization such as Latvian Association of Auto Engineers (LAIA).

The services provided by the auto centre were evaluated on the 5 point scale where the most important criteria where the quality of provided services, warranty and availability of professional equipment to perform the repair works. As the result of the evaluation, following services were awarded the highest mark of 5 points:

  • processing, diagnostics, repair and restoration of car body geometry;
  • car preparation for painting and car painting.

Successful certification acknowledged the high level of services provided by the auto centre and is the guarantee of full quality restoration of the car after a crash.



Tow truck call
+371 27799114

Senson Rent
«Replacement car service»: +371 26472224


Secretary: +371 27799114

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Technical experts: +371 27799123
+371 26472224

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+371 28459445



Acceptance of cars for repair works

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Sat., Sun.: closed



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